Monday, February 18, 2008

Daytona 500

While watching the Daytona 500 I just couldn't believe the strides Toyota has made to become a competitor in the NASCAR series. I'm still not a huge fan of the COT, but it did make for some good racing and it also allowed for breakaways in the field which the older bodied cars couldn't do because of the restrictor plate.
These cars also have a restrictor plate but because the cars are much bulkier NASCAR has allowed for a larger hole opening in the plate which allows for more horsepower. Kyle Busch looked like the car to beat except with a late race blocking strategy by Jeff Burton it cost young Kyle the race. As a former driver and a former owner of a race car I hate the blocking aspect of this sport and have always believed if the person behind you is faster then race them straight up, don't block them from passing.
To Ryan Newman congrads on breaking your winless streak. Kudos to Dodge for having what it takes at the proper time to pull out this victory. Kurt Busch you clearly have matured quite a bit, with an occasional temper tantrum. Reed Sorenson looks to be a front runner all season long, he will be battling the regulars as this season progresses.

Jeff Gordon won't be down long, neither will Jimmie Johnson, tough break for Casey Mears but he waited just a split second too long before jumping up in front of Tony Stewart, only to be put into the wall and then have his night come to an end.

It would have been nice to see Kenny Wallace get some television time, more so then pulling into the garage when his day was over.
What happened to Michael Waltrip Racings three entries, they weren't even competitive after lap 2. Next up is California where Ford seems to have the magic.

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