Saturday, February 16, 2008

what is a conservative

I attended a meeting the other night hosted by a local radio talk show host which was loosely titled "What is a Conservative" now I deem myself somewhat of a REAL conservative with libertarian leanings.
I stand for what is RIGHT in government, lifestyle issues, and in the political realm. I'm not quite to the point of being an anarchist, not that it would be a bad thing if I was. I don't believe that police services and fire departments need to be generated at the behest of government, they are however to make those that can afford the services provided pay for those that can't or wouldn't.

I believe in the power of self responsibility and using that aspect to help myself and others by not committing fraud, abuse, or any other nefarious means to live my lifestyle. Sorry I got off track on the meeting.

In attendance at this meeting were many 35's and younger, which many of them seem to have attached themselves to the Republican Party. Although in the question and answering session many of them stated Libertarian Party ideas on what the meaning of a "conservative" is.

I believe the definition of a modern day conservative(circa 1860's until now) is the following: someone that believes in the tenants of smaller, fiscally responsible government, unless they find a liberty or freedom of which they disagree or take offense to, at this point the "conservative" has NO problem with using the force of government to force compliance amongst the people. This in turn creates a bureaucracy of which the "conservative" will complain about should it be used in any manner which might infringe upon a right or freedom of which they enjoy.

Unless someone is ACTUALLY doing harm to another why should government pass some sort of regulation or ordinance banning what ever it might be. Why should government force people to garner a business license so they can apply their skills in the professional world. Does government somehow know more than I ?

Why should doctors be licensed by some government board when the private sector could do the very same, or it could be accomplished on the state level.

Meeting of Young Conservatives Tonight
Are you a young conservative under the age of 40 who wants to
help shape what the future of the conservative party will look like?

If so, join KSGF's Vincent David Jericho tonight
at Kaldi's Coffee (900 E. Battlefield) at 7pm...
help us figure out what priorities will take precedence for
the next generation.

If you are over 40 you are more than welcome to attend.
However, do not come in anticipation of debating if
the change(s) will happen.

Log onto for driving directions to Kaldi's.

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