Saturday, March 22, 2008

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On television the other day I saw an ad from a lawyer firm trying to drum up a case for ATV rollovers. I'm beginning to believe the joke about 500 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean is a good start. I have ridden on ATV as has my whole family and none of us have had any injuries from these machines let alone serious injuries.

Just like anything else mechanical people have to be aware that operating equipment UNSAFELY can be hazardous to your health, without the sense of danger one has the tendencies to believe they are invincible.

The judges in all of these cases should throw these types of lawsuits right out of court NO matter how many different courts it gets appealed to. These vehicles are being operated in a manner which causes them to rollover, this is the responsibility of the operator NOT the manufacturer. In the mind of an attorney the operator couldn't possibly be responsible for their own actions.

cigarettes can cause cancer in people who smoke = stop smoking
alcoholics are more likely to cause a death from DUI = stop drinking
motorcycle riders likely to die in high speed crashes = don't over ride your experience level

the solutions to most problems are quite easy to diagnosis and avoid.

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Jason said...

Common sense. What a concept.