Saturday, March 22, 2008

stepping in it one more time

Join the ballot initiative to lower the drinking age in Missouri to 18. Supporters across the state are in the process of collecting over 100,000 signatures for the petition to get this initiative on the November ballot.

Guest Column: Missouri 18 to Drink

Oct. 12, 2007

I started this movement in Missouri because I believe fighting for freedom and fighting for civil liberties is the noblest cause. Liberty is the most important basic principal this country was founded on. Our founding fathers understood that you could not make people safer by taking away their freedoms.

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I grew up in a household where beer and alcohol was available for the drinking and we were told if we were going to drink or smoke it was going to be done in the house not outside the house. In society today a parent would get thrown in jail for having this policy. Of course my parents wouldn't allow the neighbor kids to do this only us after all the kids from across the street didn't belong to my parents and therefore they weren't allowed to raise them.

Before my 19th birthday I was trained and certified sniper in the military, I could have gone off to die for my country in some war or half-baked police action. Having the responsibility to defend the freedoms of my nation means I had the responsibility to make decisions that are best for me. If I had gone off to war it would be my government telling me what is best for me just like they dictate the policy on when 18 year olds can drink or smoke.

We have some in this community which will proclaim this to be an anti-church or some "liberal" idea bent on destroying the family. One host in particular will probably use the term FLAAPL to describe this effort. I for one support the initiative as a means for the younger generation to show and prove they have the responsibility level to pull this off. The legislation that was passed for the federal government to dictate this policy came with the threat of decreased federal funding for highways if not enacted by the states.

This very "liberal" idea (federal government usurping the constitutional rights of the states) was hatched by democrats in congress along with help from the republicans and signed into law by the very same man which many proclaim to be an advocate of states rights, Ronald Reagan.

It is time for WE THE PEOPLE to take our government back from those that which to dictate our every waking moment, and if by taking this stance I'm conceived some "liberal" then so be it however our founding fathers would be appalled that government dictates much of our day and night.

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