Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Matt Blunt for V.P.

Yes I said Matt Blunt for Vice President. If John McCain truly wants to be elected he needs to pull from a stronger field of candidates for the second slot. McCain has ONE strong point and that is his stance on never asking for an earmark and trying to end such foolishness.
I'll have other people disagree with that statement but this is my blog. I don't support his stance on Iraq and I don't support us being over there to build a nation, or to create a democracy, or the host of other lame @$$ excuses used by this administration.

Our next president will be in a very HOT seat as our government has created financial turmoil which is going to last quite a long time and even longer if government doesn't allow for companies to fail. In what position would we as a nation be in if the taxpayers still had to financially support the buggy whip industry??

People fail at starting businesses and likewise businesses need to be allowed to fail no matter how it works out. Government shouldn't be the arbiter of which companies fail and which succeed.

Matt Blunt has done a very good job of running the state of Missouri and has even mentioned he won't be running for reelection to the state top spot which leave him ample time to seek the number two position. Personally I won't vote for John McCain since I abhor his big government stances, but with a very liberty oriented VP it could help his chances to get elected

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