Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mediacom Ice Park, Mediacom Tennis Stadium

Let me get this straight. Tax money is used to build a complex that is LOSING money hand over fist and the monopoly cable company in this area comes in with a little over a million dollars to rescue some of the debt that city council has obligated us to. Makes perfect sense to anyone that is paying attention. Perhaps the next building to get naming rights should be the building which sits on the corner of Boonville Avenue and Chestnut Expressway.

I wonder if one of the Payday loan places in town could cough up a cool mill to name that building for ten years.

Mediacom offers to buy naming rights to ice park, tennis complex

News-Leader staff • May 13, 2008


It won’t be Jordan Valley Ice Park much longer.

It will soon be known as Mediacom Ice Park, thanks to a hefty financial contribution from city cable provider Mediacom Communications Corp.

Mediacom plans to give the city $200,000 a year for 10 years in exchange for naming rights for the ice park and the stadium at Cooper Tennis Complex.

The tennis venue will soon be called Mediacom Tennis Stadium.

The Springfield City Council will consider Mediacom’s donation at Monday night’s council meeting. The council has to approve and accept the contribution before the name changes become official.

City Manager Bob Cumley said the financial help has been under discussion for several years.

He said $150,000 of the annual contribution will help pay down the ice park’s outstanding debt. The remaining $50,000 will be used for improvements at the Cooper Tennis Complex.

“This is a good partnership,” Cumley said. “I think there’s some other possibilities out there for naming rights for some things the city owns.”

Mediacom’s contribution comes at a time when the city has had to make significant budget cuts to help fund the financially ailing police/fire pension fund.

Cumley said the extra money from Mediacom means the city won’t have to pay as much on the ice park debt.

The Springfield-Greene County Park Board, which operates both facilities, supports the name changes.

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