Wednesday, May 14, 2008

on the local side

A couple of rehashes from this week. A local talk radio host blames the "village law" as a means to promote casinos in and around Branson. Not being a gambler myself it really doesn't bother me if a casino is built down there or not. Perhaps our local talk show host feels compelled to return back to his socialistic roots. Perhaps if he is so opposed to gambling we should also re institute the ban on businesses being open on Sunday as well, or is it Saturday....who knows..

Personally I think the village law could be used as a mechanism to show these government addicted individuals how an area can prosper under the guise of companion shares. Lets say you have 400 acres worth of land that you would like to develop into a housing area. The first thing you need is investors to bring in capitol income, while plans of this privately run city(village)are being drawn up. Yes it is true the original owner can put whatever in the contract he wants, however it is up to the people that are purchasing within this village to have competent guidance upon reviewing the documentation. Security services could be provided by the village association and the individual owners of each tract would have more say with their voting shares. I think the village law is the first step towards liberty and freedom from oppresive government for those that can afford to purchase within the confines of such. Look at it as a gated community with all the amenities without having to drive elsewhere.

Boortz looks like his break his deal with Bob Barr. It was reported on a previous blog that talkshow host Neil Boortz made the offer to contribute the amount allowed by law to Bob Barr should he get the LP nomination. Today he hinged that statement quite a bit and the reason is as reported on recently the wording of our troops being an "occupying force" instead of being called liberators. As I have pointed out before our troops do meet the definition of occupying force in the rule of war. As was pointed out this morning our forces can NO longer be called liberators because the Iraqi's are no longer are under the rule of Saddam Hussien, and thus they are under their OWN elected government. Perhaps one could argue it is a government of our makings but none the less the people voted and you get what you asked for. What a way to weasel out of a statement.

On another front I heard Mike Gallagher discussing the oppressive government intra diction in TX and swooping in to steal 400+ children from their parents, and as of today NO formal charges have been filed against any of the so called molesters. When are people going to wake up from these sensationalist headlines to realize government makes more mistakes in a day then most of us do in our lifetimes. If NO charges are brought against anyone living within this sect then those people should be able to counter suit the government and have jobs taken away from these thugs which wear government uniforms. Anyone and everyone that raided this place should be placed on the unemployment line immediately if the accusations of the media frenzy is shown to be as it looks just another government raid upon people which don't conform to the beliefs of the duh-masses.

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