Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What a moronic decision

For those that don't follow NASCAR you'll never understand the vent, for those of you that do you'll probably agree with me.
Last year Rick Hendrick of Hendrick Motor Sports fame decided that Casey Mears was a much better talent then Kyle Busch AKA "the bad boy of NASCAR". When Kyle first came up you could tell he had talent, he just needed to be tamed. Teamed with the likes of Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, and Terry Labonte. Kyle became a force to be wreckin with both on and off the track, by his actions and his verbal outburst. He chastised his teammates for not working with him, quite similar to how Jeff talked about Jr at Talledega. Get over it Jeff Jr doesn't help anyone but Jr., just ask Michael Waltrip how many times he has been left hung out only to be freight trained.

Anyone with half an inkling of common sense could see that Kyle Busch's talents far outpace that of Casey Mears, so much so in fact that Casey who is now in Kyle's old ride can't even run consistent top 10's. The 5 car was DOMINATE last year, and now it is a middle of the pack heap. It shouldn't surprise anyone tho' since Casey Mears did the same for the 25 car vacated by Brian Vickers.

The "dream team" as it has become known now consist of four time champion(actually it is 6 time) (changing the points system to prevent another 7 time winner SUCKS)Jeff Gordon, two time champion Jimmie Johnson, never time champion and won't become one either Dale Earnhardt Jr., and mister middle of the pack driver Casey Mears. My how things would've been different if Kyle was still piloting the 5 car.

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