Saturday, May 10, 2008

Republican Party WASTING thousands to challenge delegates

I guess the party faithful think they get elected just with THEIR votes. Sorry party faithful but it is the minority in the party that get INVOLVED in the party apparatus on the federal, state, and local level. The majority of people that vote just cast their ballots for the lessor demon then go on with their lives.
It must really get your gall that the REAL conservatives have finally stepped up to the plate to try to bring the party back to the PLATFORM.

WOW!!! This sounds like something from Oh I don't Maybe 1933. In a far away communist country But guess what its not. It Happened right here in the good old USA!!! That's right -- the United States of America -- In fact right in the Midwest of the country The State of Missouri to be exact. Although elected by their fellow republicans at county caucuses some 300 delegates have been challenged across the state of Missouri -- Just this week on Monday May 5th, Some 45 out of those 300 delegates made the trip to the state capital after receiving certified letters dated April 25th 2008 from the Missouri Republican Party. The Letters states that your status as a delegate or alternate has been challenged. No challenged Delegate or Alternate will have more that five minutes to argue their case. The letter signed by Richard Peerson Chairman MRSC Credentials Committee.
At the special Hearing which some now maybe comparing to the likes of a the integration and or a witch hunt. The people that traveled to the state capital in Jefferson City Missouri Found them self's what some has described as star chamber type integration. A signal chair setting in the middle of the floor facing 10 people calling them self's the credentials committee.With The leaders reading the charges. Doug Russell, Jared Craighead, Susie Eckelkamp, Richard Peerson was "Chair" of the committee, Kurt Witzel, Jim Gamble, Karen Foster, Iola French, Donna Spickert and Emily Klie Thermes. Made up the group of interrogators.
Although these people claim they are not challenging the delegates and refuse to provide a copy of the challenge or identify the person or persons making the challenge(s) they ask questions of the delegates that prove they some are more involved than they are letting on. Remember these Names, I am sure that if you are a Republican or just someone with the sense of decency, right and wrong you will want to contact them and the National Republican Party officials an voice your outrage. The challenges are like something that a teenager would come up with and are at best weak. I.e. He said she said kind of stuff. Once you hear the audio recording you can get an Idea of how the more than 6 hours it took to grill the delegates went. You can listen to a brief part of the recording.
If you was brave enough to go face the committee you were on your own!!! no one was allowed to accompany you before the committee. If you was one of the 45 or so people that took a day off work and used your liquid gold to make the trip only to find your self saying you got to be kidding -- Once they sprung the nature of the challenge on you. Here are what the challenges consisted of "Your credentials have been challenged because of your support of Ron Paul." What?? You can challenge someone's credentials because they supported republican candidate other than John Mccain? That's right because these people choose to support a candidate other than the Presumptive Nominee John Mccain they will be chastised, belittled and maybe completely excluded from the party process.
Wait a minute how do they know who anyone voted for? Isn't Missouri an open state? What ever happened to freedom of choice? Who will they come after next? Hummm, Who did you support in the primary?
One thing is for sure these republican delegates will not forget how they have been treated by the party leaders.
I must remind everyone that presumptive nominee they speak of only got 33% of the vote in Missouri.
According to this new criteria presented by the Republican Party officials like Mr. Peerson. Doug Russell and Jared Craighead and others almost 70% of the Republican voters here in Missouri that voted in February primary should not be allowed to be delegates or alternates. Seems that in order to be considered Republican you would have had to of voted for Mccain. Yes if you had the audacity to support a candidate other than the one the party officials have endorsed then you could be challenged and excluded from the republican election process!!! Doesn't sound much like democracy to me. Again who did you vote for? Pinch your self to see if you are still in America.
Is this how the party should be acting? Is this the kind of message we want to send to anyone republican or not?
I believe that we as Republicans have the chance to change our countries path if we get involved. We need to unite now and show the world that we are ready to bring our party and country back to it's connective roots, By the People and for the People.
I am shocked by the party leaders actions. I am upset because they have decided to play this game and push forward with such un American tasteless tactics. If we keep turning people away it is almost assuring a loss for our party this November. Why are the Republican party leaders are trying to close people out of the party at a time when we need every vote? Shouldn't we be welcoming people to the party with open arms? The party leaders seem to be saying if you voted democrat or even third party you can forget trying to vote republican we don't want you. Oh yea if your a democrat and you just can't bring your self to vote for Obama or Clinton we don't want you either. I think we can see growth in the third parties if we are going to take the path of exclusion.
The party leaders are using some of these and other despicable tactics across the country to oust some of the delegates. Why?
What is the sense of spending the money and wasting resources like fuel, and having hundreds and thousands people attend caucus and conventions in the state and across the country if the out come has been predetermined? What Does a presumptive nominee mean? Why do we have any other primaries if anyone candidate has received the number of delegates for the nominee of that party? Is our next president elected by a handful of what now seem to be hand picked delegates from each state?
What can we do? Pass this along to everyone. Meetups in other states, other republicans, news media, even people with no party affiliation. Call, email and or write the Republican Party leaders both local and national tell them that you find the actions by the party leaders unacceptable. Tell them you wont donate another dime until they stop these questionable tactics. Please get involved attend any conventions even out of state if you can. United we stand.
Here are some links to call and email let them know what you think.
Doug Russell
1616 Arbour Dr, Apt 1
Phone: 417-588-1046
Lebanon, MO 65536
Richard Peerson
P.O. Box 1627
Jefferson City, MO 65102
Email: dpeerson@wallstreetins
Missouri Republican Party
204 E. Dunklin Avenue
Jefferson City, MO 65101
Phone: 573-636-3146
Fax: 573-636-3273
Jared Craighead

Executive Director
RNC contacts
Office of the Chairman

Mike Duncan, RNC Chairman
Phone: 202-863-8700
Fax: 202-863-8820
Office of the Co-Chairman

Jo Ann Davidson, Co-Chairman
Phone: 202-863-8545
Fax: 202-863-8631
Republican National Committee

310 First Street, SE
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Phone Numbers:
Comment Line & General Information: 202.863.8790
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Email Addresses:
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Missouri committee numbers and emails
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Kevin Craig said...

You can't be a "loyal Republican" if you support Ron Paul; you can only be a "loyal Republican" if you support a man who considered becoming a Democrat so he could be John Kerry's running mate.

tom said...

Constitutional believers need not apply to become party members, only those that believe they have the right and authority to CONTROL the lives of others