Friday, May 9, 2008

Who's calling who out

On a recent episode of our local talk show two interesting topics of Ron Paul was brought up. It appears the first one was a caller who generally wondered what the position of the host was on Ron Paul. It is NO secret that many media sources have gone out of their way to promote an agenda that is trying to discredit the Paul movement. Anyone with a thimble of common sense can go look at Mr. Paul's voting record or his web site to see this representative is the MOST Constitutional candidate this nation has seen since Thomas Jefferson. Media types are more than willing to misrepresent this man because they know very few people will do the research on their own, however the information is out there for the curious too look at.

One only need to listen to the speeches of Ronald Reagan and the voting record of Ron Paul to see that Mr. Paul is by far the most experienced and constitutional candidate on the floor of the House of Representatives.

During the show this morning it was said by our local radio show host that the people in the Ron Paul movement have tried to get said radio host fired from his position and by caveat have come after his family. Too bad it wasn't rating sweep week as this would've moved him straight to the top of the ratings heap. I have it on good authority the people who went down to the radio station asked for EQUAL TIME to present their side of this one sided argument. VD Jericho has misrepresented Ron Paul and those in this movement for quite some time so it is only telling that they would want for their side of the information to be presented as well. Mr. Jericho hasn't mentioned quite a few times that he would be willing to have some public discourse on this topic, but apparently he has backed out on this position. I guess he has been told by Dr. Scott Magill that this movement actually has intellectual people in it that can hold their own in the narrative sense. Can't dare do anything to make the host look like an idiot.

This Ron Paul movement has been portrayed as a socialist movement, a peace network movement, and various other ideas which in NO means could be possible of "TRUE" Ron Paul supporters. It is quite possible for a few people to infiltrate the ranks but the vast majority of Paul supporters are firms believers in the Constitution, and are far more conservative then most in the Republican Party. After all we have local republicans serving in the state legislature who haven't a care in the world that private property rights are being usurped by local governments, and in the mean time these representative have DONE nothing but pay lip service to the idea of protecting these rights. And yes I can name names should I need to do so and back it up with proof. I would sooner have a couple of peace nuts in my movement then have elected state officials in my party who could careless about MY property rights and ownership of land.

It has been said the Paul supporters are trying to usurp the rules of the delegation process so they can nominate Paul from the floor at the convention in MN. Here in MO the Republican Party literally sent out hundreds if not thousands of certified letters trying to challenge those that had been elected delegates and alternatives, because these individuals had had their loyalty to the party challenged including yours truly. I knew I was going to be challenged after all I hold an elected position for the local Libertarian Party, but for the party to go to this extreme shows clearly that those working for liberty and the Constitution are NOT WELCOME in the party which espouses its belief in such.

It is said that Mr. Paul is an isolationist, a liberal for his stance on the War on Terrorism, even though he voted to go into Afghanistan, a lunatic for wanting the U.S. to go back to the gold standard. An abortionist even though he states in many areas he is PRO-LIFE. How does this information get so misleading ?? Ron Paul is an advocate for states rights which means the federal government will abide by Amendment X. This type of thinking scares many in the Republican Party as this means some of their pet projects and government programs will be dismantled and allowed for the states to decide what is best for the population of each state, this is a scary transition for those that have been so successful in creating a NEED for government largess.

At 36:30 a gentlemen by the name of Chris comes on to talk about Dr. Paul and his stances, which said radio host once more misrepresents by instituting his own agenda instead of what Dr. Paul has said for himself. This call last until 42:05 with the caller still liking the constitutional aspects of Dr. Paul which means the radio host wasn't able to sway him from his thought process with an untrue diatribe.

Later on in the show a caller by the name of Jim calls in to inform radio host of his well made up fallacies on the issue of Dr. Paul. This happens at 47:42 and last until 50:30 where most of the airtime is wasted on the talk show host calling the caller every name possible with the caller on mute. This speaks volumes of the intelligence level of the host as he isn't able to hold an intelligent conversation with an individual Ron Paul supporter who calls up to call his bluff and misinformation on the subject.

I will give VD Jericho his do as he has done wonderful things here on the local level, but time and time again when he goes to the national level he gets in WAY OVER HIS HEAD and becomes nothing more than a parrot to the mainstream media and political party leadership.


Jim Palmisano said...

I am the Jim that called in to challenge Mr. Vincent Schattenkirk, aka Vincent David Jericho(wonder why he hides behind a pseudonym), and his dangerous rhetoric.

The two people that visited the radio station were looking to talk to Vince but were refused. They were not there for him to lose his job but rather to correct dangerous rhetoric being promoted to the public without verification and without rebuttal.

It took me 3 calls to get accepted into the call and when I was finally let in it was quite apparent that Mr. Vincent Schattenkirk was not happy about my call. He did not want to be challenged which are the same fascist tactics as others like Limbaugh, Hannity, and O'Reilly.

I found it quite revealing when Mr. Schattenkirk abruptly ended my call(hung up on me) that the next caller was a military man and Schattenkirk profusely apologized to this man for my call.

Unbeknownst to Schattenkirk, I spent 10 years in the U.S. Army Reserves. How many years did Schattenkirk spend in the Canadian Military(his home country) or for that matter our own U.S. military?

As an American I will be forever fearful of someone who has the public ear but allows no challenge to their rhetoric. Those situations are the tools of a tyrannical dictatorship and have no place in this great Republic. They are the methods of Socialists, Fascists, and Communists that want Total Control of thought.

My name is Jim Palmisano. I started the Springfield Ron Paul Meetup group. I was also the North Territory Director for a nationwide grassroots effort called Ron Paul Friends USA covering 7 States. I'm also the Missouri Coordinator for two nationwide groups. Namely "We the People Foundation for Constitutional Education" and the other being "Restore the Republic" and which were successively founded after Aaron Russo's famous documentary titled "America: Freedom to Fascism". If you haven't watched it you can do it for free on the prementioned websites.

I don't get paid for these positions. They are 100% volunteer unlike Mr. Schattenkirk(aka Vincent David Jericho) who gets paid for his false and undocumented propoganda under the guise of "Show Business". This isn't "Show Business" folks. This is a blatant misuse of the Public airwaves. These are OUR our airwaves. Not the Governments and definitely not KSGFs or aka Vincent David Jericho's as he would lead you to believe.

*Sidenote - While Mr. Schattenkirk blocked me out during the middle of my call to him, I had the chance to tell him about my ancestors who fought in our War of Independence. One Jesse Rector stood on the battlefield when Cornwallis surrendered to Washingon and another fought under Sir Francis Marion, "the Swamp Fox".

I swore to support and defend our Constitution and I'm the Socialist? What lies will the People believe?

Believe what you will. I have stated my case and I do not hide under pseudonyms or false information.

Jim Palmisano

tom said...

I guess I shouldn't find it amazing any longer but it still gets to me. It is always those individuals which have never served that seem to go out of there way to compliment those of us that have.
I'm unaware of any military person that goes above and beyond the call of duty to call people out on their military service, it is just those that haven't served at all.

Do they feel guilty that they couldn't bear signing on the dotted line to commit to their country the HONOR of serving??

I don't need anyone coming up to me and thanking me for my service to country, however perhaps you should come up and tell me WHY you didn't serve your country.

patriotism goes just so far and if you didn't join because you felt it wasn't worthy of you perhaps you should rethink your position on this planet and this country.