Friday, May 9, 2008

Your losing it !!!!

I have been paying little attention to the election cycle as of late since it seems quite evident the American people are willing to sell their souls for another four years of government rule. I became aware of something Rush Limbaugh has been doing since before the TX primary called Operation Chaos , in which Republican Party members were supposed to cross over and vote for Hillary. One reason of doing this would've been to make sure Hillary would become the nominee of the Democrat Party and with her baggage she should be able to be beaten by presumptive Republican nominee John McCain.

As of late I have listened to Rush to hear him proclaim victory for this Operation Chaos but I fail to see that Hillary is any closer to Barack Obama then when Rush started this goofy scenario. In order to proclaim victory one must be winning at something unless we employ the republican strategy of saying we are winning when in all reality just the opposite is true. Keep repeating the same false statement and eventually many will believe it is true. This seems to be quite similar to the "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" mantra applied to President Bush during his photo op on the flight deck of a Navy carrier after the Iraq invasion.

Rush has clearly slid way down the slippery slope since when he first got his start at KFBK, Sacramento, CA. He has become a shell for the republican party instead of standing up for what is right.

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