Monday, August 4, 2008

Do you have that right

Recently I received a phone call to tell me that an acquaintance of mine in California was going to have another child, is this good news or bad ??

acquaintance = someone that you are familiar with but they aren't really a friend.
friend = an individual that will drop what they are doing to come help if asked.

The people in question already have three kids that they can't support and now they are hoping to have twins this time as she has been on fertilization drugs of some sort which is supposed to help since both he and her have twins on both sides of the family. The person I was talking to on the phone was quite taken aback when I asked this very question;

What right do they have bringing another child or two into this world when they can't afford the ones they have now ?

Nothing irritates me more then people who don't think of the consequences of their actions and how it affects others around them. Yes I'm a cold heartless individual that believes I shouldn't have to fund children that I had no participation in during the making of said child. We had two children and stopped because we believed that there was NO way we could afford a third and raising two would be a handful anyway.
God bless those people that can raise a household full and do so at there own expense, and a pox to those people who have a household full and do so at my expense. When I hung up the phone I was fuming as this type of irresponsibility just has me irritated at not only these people but to all people who do the same.

Here in Greene County, MO according to our health department 50% of all child births are funded by the taxpayer. Imagine what you could do with the money withheld from your paycheck if you didn't have to fund this type of activity ??

Perhaps when we find politicians that have the gonads to ask tough questions one of these questions should be.

What right do you have.......(you can fill in the blanks with numerous replies)

I don't believe you have any constitutional right to take from me and give to (fill in the blank) unless I do so on my own accord

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