Sunday, August 3, 2008

what's the purpose

I have often wondered why people such as bloggers will post an entry out into cyberspace and yet won't allow comments on the blog until they have approved the moderated comments.

As the owner of a blog each individual has the power to delete messages once they appear just as they have the right to have moderation turned on, but my question is why moderate. Do you have something to hide ??

From my experience most people who comment on a blog do so in a very civil or questioning manner, I have personally never read an all out attack on any post a comment area on any blogs. It seems counter productive to moderate people just so you could conceivably post only those comments which make you look good. Much like radio talk show host only allow dissenting callers to make an initial statement before they chastise them for being a liberal and abort the call.

What is the purpose of moderating comments ?? Do you not feel secure enough in your own abilities that the people reading your blog can have a civil discussion in the comment posting area. I know I have personally posted enough dissenting blogs that if anyone would be getting harassed it would be me and yet no obscene comments have shown up in my comments area.

I post items I feel strongly about and have done enough research on the subject to have a dissenting voice which generally isn't mainstream, or I have witnessed enough of said behavior or so called problem enough to have formed an opinion.

I'm not an emotional person which in some circles is a bad thing, but I believe this only to be true to emotional type people. Perhaps there are times I have opened my mouth when I should've remained silent, however how does one learn of such behavior unless they ask questions.

Recently I had to have a dog put down that had been in our family for 15 years and yes I sat there and cried as I watched him die, however I understood it was for the betterment of "Chance" because he was slowly dying on the inside and you could see it in his eyes. We requested that he be cremated since we were going to bury him in our yard and set up a shrine of sorts to our loyal faithful companion. I cried the day I picked up his ashes, but only briefly, as the memories flooded over me as to how good of a family member he had become.
Now that we have his ashes in a very well fashioned cedar chest just large enough for his ashes that has a lock and key hanging from it, I have discovered I can't bear the though of laying to rest our buddy. We have not opened the chest as I believe that would be disrespectful and we placed it upon the Victrola along with a card that was sent to us by our vet and signed by the staff.
I believe putting Chance down was the best thing we could have done for the family and for the dog. Emotional ties were short lived as I understand that we begin dying from our moment of birth. Each day on this earth should be lived to the fullest and to dwell on issues we can't do anything about seems counter productive to everything I have ever been taught.


Newsy said...

I moderate comments on my blog for one main reason.

I have found that I get about 5 to 6 spam blog messages a week. People advertising sites is not something I want my readers to click upon, especially when you never know what site they are promoting. A couple of those wrong clicks and your blog can lose credibility!

I have also never denied a comment because of what was posted.

tom said...

Thank you newsy I'm glad someone decided to explain the purpose of the moderation and I can appreciate trying not to be spammed, I just thought the log-in verification sequence prevented that from happening.

It is also good to hear that you don't block any comments from your blog

Kevin Craig said...

Ditto newsy. I screen robot-generated viagra ads but let nearly all human beings through. (I say "nearly all" because I have gotten some human beings who are posting the same certifiably nutty rant on every blog that mentions "Jesus" or "9-11." They're not commenting on MY blog, they're just commenting on ANY blog. I delete most comments with conspiracy theories that are nuttier than my own, in a so-far futile attempt to not be grouped with wackos. [Now that I think about it, every conspiracy comment has gotten through, so maybe I'm the one who's ready for the rubber room.] But anybody who has anything coherent to say about MY blog gets through, whether I agree or disagree with the comment.)

Busplunge said...

I don't moderate my blog comments either and last Tuesday my wife and I had to put our dog down, she was 15 and in deep agony. It was tough.

tom said...

It is tough and sometimes I believe it is even harder then watching a sick family member die, because an animal has NO way of expressing the pain they feel while we as the owners try to determine when is the proper time to lay them to rest.

I feel your pain Jim and sometimes it is clearly a heavy burden.