Wednesday, October 29, 2008

number five

Back in the 80's one could hardly miss Lorrie Morgan on videos or on a jukebox. The lady has a hauntingly beautiful voice, a better than average body but the worst of luck with men.

Two of her greatest hits were Something In Red & A Picture of Me Without You

Lorrie Morgan files for divorce from Sammy Kershaw

Country singer Loretta Lynn "Lorrie" Morgan has filed for divorce from Sammy Kershaw.

Lorrie Morgan files for divorce from Sammy Kershaw Country star Lorrie Morgan has filed for divorce from husband singer Sammy Kershaw, citing irreconcilable differences. Lorrie also asked the court to enforce the prenuptial agreement the couple had in place before the marriage. Lorrie Morgan and Sammy Kershaw have been married for over six years, but about two months ago the relationship came to a holt and the two separated, Morgan filing for divorce on Thursday. Sammy Kershaw was husband number five for the country singer and Lorrie Morgan was Kershaw's fourth wife.

Sammy Kershaw recently launched a bid for lieutenant governor of Louisiana as a Republican, which he lost. During his campaign Kershaw was often under fire for his recent bankruptcy, stemming from a failed restaurant business he launched with Lorrie, which was shut down last year. Before Kershaw, Lorrie Morgan was reportedly involved with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman, she was also married to country singers Keith Whitley and Jon Randall, and was linked romantically with the 2008 GOP presidential candidate Fred Thomson in 1994-96.

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