Tuesday, October 28, 2008

WASTEFUL spending

updated 10/29/08 chip and seal or overlayments are used to protect the original surface of the asphalt. THX to Mark Thornsberry and google for answering my questions.

Recently the city of Springfield resurfaced a section of Grant Street although I don't remember if this was done via the city or private contractor(a call has been placed for the answer). The area of these repairs were from Division Street south concluding at Chestnut Expressway. This stretch of road was not the best in town and it certainly was not the worse, however you would think that grinding the road then a chip and seal surface would at least smooth out the road some.

I travel this section everyday of the week to get to the office and the cost of repairs on this section might as well been flushed down the toilet it would have been just as beneficial. The same ruts and dips still exist as well as the roughness by the storm drains. I can understand how a road gets rough over time but come on Public Works department this road should be somewhat nice to travel on for at least a year or so. Before signing off on these types of things travel the section of road yourself and if it has not been improved then it was money that was WASTED !!!!!

If you grind down a section of highway and you do nothing to level out the subsurface or to correct the cracking then the new surface is going to resemble the old surface very shortly after the traffic pattern resumes. At this point what was the purpose in wasting the money in the first place.

There are other parts of the city such as Division Street from Glenstone east over to Barnes(I believe) which recently was worked on and that street of road is as smooth as a newborn babies behind so I know it can be done and perhaps we should excel to this standard instead of excepting shoddy work practices.

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