Friday, October 17, 2008

Vandals hit Phelps grove park area

An the thought process is that the north end of town is crime ridden.

From the weekend, police took at least twelve reports of property damage from residents in the south-Springfield Phelps Grove neighborhood. All the vehicles damaged had been parked on the side of the road when suspects approached and punctured one or more tires. The incidents were outlined in the following police reports:

  • 08-47277 - 636 E COZY ST - evening/morning hours
  • 08-47427 - 1440 S ROANOKE AV - in evening hours
  • 08-47436 - 503 E PORTLAND ST - in evening hours
  • 08-47489 - 1213 S KIMBROUGH AV - in morning hours
  • 08-47498 - 525 E COZY ST - in evening/morning hours
  • 08-47550 - 1213 S KIMBROUGH AV - in evening/morning hours
  • 08-47562 - 404 E MEADOWMERE ST - in evening hours
  • 08-47603 - 500 E LOREN ST - in evening hours
  • 08-47605 - 636 E COZY ST - in evening hours
  • 08-47614 - 516 E NORMAL ST - in evening hours
  • 08-47634 - 1428 S ROANOKE AV - in evening hours
  • 08-47645 - 1068 S ROANOKE AV - in evening/morning hours

Department investigators have developed information leading them to three suspects they believe to be responsible for the crimes. At this time, police are planning to present charges of Felony Property Damage against Michael Routt, Robert Griffith and Jeremiah Hull. All three suspects are 17-year-old residents of Springfield.

Although it is not always possible to secure vehicles inside, Police encourage citizens of Springfield to keep some crime prevention tips in mind in the overnight hours:

  • Keep all doors locked and valuables out of sight
  • Avoid parking vehicles in dimly lit areas such as alleyways
  • Be alert for strange noises or dogs barking, which could indicate trouble outside
  • Call police if any suspicious people are noticed at strange hours, regardless of their age

SPD Case Number: Assorted, see above

Media Contact: Major Kevin Routh, phone: 864-1754; Release authorized by: Major Routh

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