Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What are they smoking

A big THANK YOU to the Community Free Press for there election coverage in the latest edition of the newspaper, clearly a none slanted perspective on the candidates. This is written in the perspective of make up your own mind. I'll link these articles as you can clearly go to the paper to finish reading the links.

Republicans believe
that government
should do for the people
what the people cannot
do for themselves. Spend
only what is necessary,
and tax only to
raise revenue
for essential

This statement was uttered by Danette Proctor the Chairman of the Greene County Republican Central Committee.

Although I personally know Mrs Proctor, since when we first moved to this area we rented a duplex from her and her husband Darrell and she is the treasurer of Shane Schoeller's campaign, I won't speak ill of her except she hasn't been paying attention to voting records. Parroting the party line is what she is supposed to do in her position but please don't think the (M)asses are ill informed with what the party truly stands for. A government that abuses the rights of the citizens in terms of fiscal policy, and bastardizes the Constitution. Don't laugh you democrats your next on my list.

On November 4, we can make real change in
Jefferson City and Washington. For eight years our
Federal debt has skyrocketed, spending has soared, gas
prices have spiked and jobs are leaving our country in
alarming numbers. The Bush Administration and the
Republican Congress allowed oil companies to draft
our energy policy, insurance and pharmaceutical companies
to draft our health plan, and deregulated our
financial industry to such an extent that the financial
crisis was inevitable.

This statement was uttered by Craig Hosmer the Chairman of the Greene County
Democratic Central Committee and treasurer of the Jay Nixon gubernatorial campaign.

I don't know Mr Hosmer but he needs to truly fact check his misleading statements. Under the eight years of George W. Bush we have seen growth in this nation at an unbelievable rate, yes spending was also out of control but once more this is why we should research our representatives before voting. Unemployment at all time lows, and an economy which was bustling along until recently. The Fannie Mae Freddie Mac deal has nothing to do with deregulation and everything to do with over regulation of an industry which was forced by government edict to give loans to people who could not afford the loans and allowed some individuals to accumulate multiple loans which exceeded their earning capacity. This is a governmental problem not one of the private sector.

The 2008 election season is
drawing to a close, and once
again we have been subjected to
more of the same from what I have
come to call the Brand X Parties.
One of them
offers us the
failed idea of
high taxes
on achievers
and micromanagement
of our
daily lives. The
other spends
money like it
comes from
nowhere and also wants to micromanage
our daily lives.

This statement was uttered by Keith Rodgers and there really isn't too much I can add to it because he is RIGHT.

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