Monday, November 10, 2008

Needing information

A person gets hit who isn't actually standing on the road and the police agency is looking for clues as to his whereabouts before he was hit ?? How about searching for the vehicle that hit the pedestrian.

One other question would be how did three cars other than the original hitter get damaged ? I can understand one, but 3 ?? law enforcement needs to cut down on people tailgating since the vast majority of accident damage occurs in that manner

November 10, 2008

News Release

For Immediate Release

Police Seek Witnesses to Saturday's Fatality Crash

The Springfield Police Department is investigating a crash that took the life of a 30-year-old Springfield pedestrian.

Initial investigation has revealed Aaron Chavez of Springfield (DOB: 06/13/1978) was standing on the east edge of 3444 S Campbell Road when the passenger-side mirror of a northbound vehicle struck him. Immediately afterwards, he fell into the path of additional northbound traffic. In all, damage was caused to three vehicles involved in the crash.

The crash occurred at approximately 9:30PM. Chavez was killed immediately as a result of injuries sustained in the crash.

Investigation into the incident is ongoing. At this time, police are asking any other possible witnesses to come forward and make a report. Primarily, they are interested in learning Chavez’s whereabouts and movements prior to the crash.

A report can be made by calling 864-1810 or, anonymously, at 869-TIPS (Crime Stoppers).

SPD Case Number: 08-52480

Media Contact: Public Information Officer Grant Story, phone: 417-864-1702; Release authorized by: Lt Barksdale

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